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Our Services

Tree services we offer to our Markham customers

Arborist Services

Each and everyone one of our arborists are professionals in their own right. They are dedicated inviduals with multiple years of experience who will tend to your garden like they’re the owner.

Tree Removal

Whether it’s after a storm or due to strong winds, fallen trees can be a hazard. Hire our team of expert tree removers and they”ll get the job done in no time! Book a free, no obligation visit today to learn more.

Tree Risk Assessment

If you’ve noticed signs that your tree might be at risk, we recommend getting a tree risk assessment ASAP. If the issue isn’t dealt with, it can end up costing you more and creating more damage in the long run. Call us today!

Stump Removal

Stumps in your backyard can be dangerous, especially for kids. Let Tree Menders deal with it for you. We offer either grinding or removal services, based on the size and placement. Book a free estimate to learn more.

Tree Trimming

Tree Menders offers affordable tree trimming services for any home or property. Our team is composed of experienced arborists who will help beautify your garden one tree at a time. Request for a free quote to learn more.

Tree Pruning

Regular pruning is essential to maintaining the long-term health of your trees. Removing dead or damaged branches lessens wind resistance, provides clearance, and allows it to grow properly and without any restrictions.

Tree Planting

Different plants thrive in different environments. Our team of professional tree planters can provide you with a thorough assessment based on the climate, amount of sunlight, and type of soil. Book a free visit today.

Tree Cutting

Tired of looking at that tree that needs to be cut down? It can be an intimidating task, but our team at Tree Menders makes it easy. We offer a best in class tree cutting service that will make you wish you called us sooner.

Stump Grinding

At Tree Menders, our arborists are well-trained in providing professional assessments and recommendations based on the condition of the stump. Often stump grinding is the preferred service because it’s less intensive and intrusive.

Tree Surgeon

Tending to your backyard takes a lot of time, and most of us don’t have a lot of extra time on our hands. Let us take that burden off you by hiring one of our trained tree surgeons. Book a free consultation with us today.


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Statement Concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19): The health of our teams and customers continue to be a priority for us as we continue to help our customers move forward. As the world reacts to the news surrounding the coronavirus, we want to assure customers that our company is working diligently to protect the safety and health of everyone while providing tree services. This means we encourage our team members to wash their hands or sanitize more than usual throughout the day and wear face masks whenever possible. We’re also keeping a close eye on the health of our team and will ensure anyone with symptoms of illness do not report to work.

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Work only with the best tree removal professionals in Markham

tree mender crew clearing up the removed tree and branches

Tree Removal Services in Markham

Tree removal is complicated, and errors are costly. Make sure you have professional expertise for your next tree removal by contacting Tree Menders. Tree experts we work with have decades of collective experience and the hands-on knowledge to handle any tree removal in Markham.

We built Tree Menders to foster the health and safety of trees and the people around them. Our team maintains a commitment to environmental well-being as we apply our expertise during every interaction and educational opportunity. Our professionalism is why more people trust us over anyone else for tree removal in Markham.

tree mender crew clearing up the removed tree and branches
tree mender cutting down the tree in markham

A Cut Above the Rest

At Tree Menders, we view tree removal as a last resort. We suggest removal only if we cannot do anything else to save your tree. The process requires a high degree of technical training and execution to ensure a safe and swift tree service.

Tree removal varies from property to property. Some of the most common reasons for tree removal in Markham include health, safety, and aesthetics. Our tree service company provides a customized approach to coordinate the removal when there are no alternatives.

At Tree Menders, we handle urban and suburban projects that pose a threat to public and private property. We use state-of-the-art tools to protect people and surrounding property from start to finish. That includes taking down the tree, cutting the limbs into woodchips, cutting up the trunk, and transporting the remaining pieces for disposal.

tree mender crew clearing up the removed tree and branches

Get a Free Estimate

If your trees are a liability, it’s time to contact Tree Menders. You can get in touch with us by filling out our online form. Enter your contact information and the services you need, and we will get back to you shortly.

One of our crew members will take the time to review a free quote with you. We determine the cost of tree removal by considering the location and size of the tree, all safety concerns, and the necessary equipment. We explain our process and answer any questions you may have. Our arborists want you to have complete confidence in your choice of tree removal company.

Each of our no-obligation estimates comes with a detailed list of services and products. At Tree Menders, we believe in upfront pricing, so you’re never caught off guard by the bill. Learn more about tree removal Markham by calling us today.

tree mender crew clearing up the removed tree and branches
advanced equipment used in markham to shred the trees post removal

Years of Experience

Tree removal is a science and an art. Arborists have extensive training to merge those two worlds. At Tree Menders, our partner arborists have experience in diagnosing, pruning, and removing trees so your property remains healthy and vibrant. 

tree mender crew member at the job cutting down trees in markham

Emergency Tree Service Experts

We understand that tree damage doesn’t happen when it’s the most convenient for you. Our arborists remains available around the clock to assist you with emergency tree services. That availability includes weekends, holidays, and the days after storms. If you notice significant damage to your trees, contact our arborists to address the problem immediately.

tree mender crew member at the job cutting down trees in markham
stump removal equipment being operated by professional tree mender

State of the Art Tools

A chainsaw is only one part of an arborist’s toolbox. Our crew carries heavy-duty tree shears, brush grubbers, and brush mowers to clear the site with the effectiveness. At Tree Menders, we invest in state-of-the-art equipment so you don’t have to.

pruning services by tree menders

Flexible & Professional Tree Services

While many people rely on us for tree removal, we aren’t a one-trick pony. Our arborists can handle your tree cutting, tree pruning, tree planting, storm damage clean up, and tree trimming needs on top of tree removal. We also offer stump grinding and removal in case you have unwanted trunks in your yard. What tree services are you looking for today? Let our professional tree care crew know!

pruning services by tree menders
professional tree mender analyzing the tree

Tree Service Done On Time and Budget

Home is where you spend most of your time and money. Our goal at Tree Menders is to maximize both. Our arborists arrive at your property as scheduled and deliver cost-effective tree service that emphasizes quality without compromise. We believe in stretching your dollar to ensure you get the most out of every tree service appointment.

At Tree Menders, we offer tree removal year-round, including the winter. While dead trees and stumps can’t grow, they can still impact the surrounding environment. Our tree experts removes harmful roots that sap essential nutrients and hydration from the rest of the ecosystem. Tree removal in Markham is significantly easier without frozen ground, but it’s still possible when the ground is frozen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Markham Tree Removal FAQ

When should I get tree removal?

You should consider tree removal anytime a tree becomes a liability. Many people contact us when their trees are dying or dead and pose an immediate danger. That danger can put you, your family, your property, and your possessions in harm’s way.

You can detect a potential liability by examining the roots of the tree. Diseased, unsightly, or exposed roots may signal the need for immediate removal. Other possible warning signs include crowding or damage to nearby trees, new construction on your property, or obstruction.

Should I keep trees on my property?

We may be biased, but we believe trees should be a part of every property. They’re an essential component of nature that provides oxygen, cleans the air, and reduces smog. According to, strategically planting and maintaining your trees can even boost your property value 5% to 15%.

Trees can lower your energy bills and increase savings. A single tree generates the same cooling effect as a 10-room home running air conditioning for 20 hours per day. The foliage provides dense shade that reduces your home’s temperature up to 5 degrees Celsius.

Do I need to prune my trees?

Regularly pruning your trees supports the trees’ long-term health. The process improves the overall look and safety of your trees while encouraging new limbs and leaves. At Tree Menders, we focus on pruning the branches that we can safely reach from the ground.

Pruning allows our arborists to check your trees’ health. We get rid of weak, dead, diseased, or pest-ridden branches that may crack during a torrential storm. The process atell me parking lso makes your tree more flexible, letting it move unencumbered in a windstorm.

What is stump removal?

Tree removal involves cutting down the trunk and branches of a tree and removing it from the property. Stump removal focuses on the remaining portion, including the root system, that exists beneath the ground. The process may require heavy-duty equipment, depending on the size of the stump.

Stump removal demands time, effort, patience, and, occasionally, a little luck. If you’re short on any of these things, one attractive option is stump grinding. Our arborists can remove stumps up to about 15 inches below the surface. You won’t tell there was a tree after we finish grinding and filling in the hole.