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What our arborists can do for you

You might be asking yourself, why should I bother hiring an arborist? Can’t I do the job myself, or hire a friend who has done their own tree care before? Well, it’s really not that simple.

Arborists bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise and apply it to the care and maintenance of trees. Some say that they were born with a green thumb – and will take the necessary measures to keep your trees, shrubs, or plants alive and thriving. They have a deep understanding of botany and an ability to apply various techniques to provide the proper care to individual types of trees. This knowledge is instrumental to extending the life of your trees and minimizing the risk of disease or pests.

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What is a professional arborist?

The difference between an arborist and a professional arborist is–you guessed it– the level of professionalism. It is someone who is knowledgeable in the care for the maintenance of trees. Professional and experienced arborists are experienced in all areas, including tree risk management, safe work practices, tree biology, and diagnoses, etc.

Woman doing yoga in the wilderness
Woman doing yoga in the wilderness

Safety first. Always.

Working with professional arborists will give you peace of mind to know they have the knowledge and expertise to do the job and avoid dangerous situations or damage to your property. They are able to identify safety hazards and work towards preventing and correcting any problem areas before becoming headaches.

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Work with us

We love trees–and that means we only work with passionate and professional arborists who share that same love and care. We take pride in offering world-class service to ensure that every experience you have is a positive one.
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Work WIth Us 

When it comes to arborists, we are the experts

It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service

We know trees. We provide a full range of tree services—from tree and stump removal to pruning and trimming to specialized arborist reports and solutions—and we would love to work with you. Our crew of arborists are qualified, experienced and always keep safety top of mind. Plus, we take the utmost care to make sure your property is kept clean and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Everything you need to know about our arborists

How do I know if I need an arborist?

There are a few warning signs that if you learn to identify, you can get ahead of the situation by calling an arborist sooner rather than later. Below are the tell-tale signs that your trees are showing signs of help.

  • Root rot
  • Cracked Trunk
  • Broken Branches
  • Deadwood
  • Wood dust
  • Detached limbs or branches
  • Discoloured or damaged leaves
  • Bark damage
What’s the difference between an arborist and landscaper?

To the average homeowner, hiring someone to keep your front or backyard looking beautiful and healthy might seem to fall under one bucket– but it really doesn’t. The difference between landscapers and arborists are that landscapers are responsible for lawn care, irrigation, mulching, and sometimes shrub pruning or trimming. These jobs are typically risk-free, however they certainly still require a level of enterprise to the overall appearance and maintenance of your yard that most homeowners don’t have. Arborists on the other hand, have gone through significant training and education in the care and maintenance of trees. They are equipped to handle dangerous equipment and can safely remove branches or trees near power lines or are at risk of falling on your house. If you have a tree that is unhealthy or needs to be trimmed, pruned, or removed all together – this should not be attempted by someone who isn’t properly trained.

What do I look for in a qualified arborist?

It’s important to know what to look out for when hiring a quality arborist, especially when there are people going around claiming to have the same expertise and knowledge of an experienced arborist. Here are a few tell-tale signs:

  • Ask to see their qualifications. You’ll want to look for someone with experience or apprenticeship, otherwise they are likely not experienced enough for most jobs. Ideally, you’re looking out for an ISA certification–which is the industry standard of arboriculture.
  • Years of experience. Just like with any career, the more years’ of experience directly correlates to the quality of their work and craftsmanship. We would recommend working with someone who has a minimum of 3 years of experience.
  • Company insurance. Tree care services do come with a certain level of risk, and accidents can happen, even with the most experienced professionals. Any reputable company will have personal and property damage insurance, as well as workers’ compensation insurance. Don’t forget to ask them before you consider hiring anyone for the job!
How much do arborists charge per hour?

Well that depends on the job. For most maintenance or tree removal jobs there are factors that we can’t predict for without offering a free, no-obligation quote. But typically, arborists don’t charge by the hour, but rather by the complexity of difficulty of the job.

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