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Quality Leads

We’ve put in the upfront work so that we can guarantee our partners highly motivated, quality leads that will help you scale your business to new heights. 

Less Hassle

Running a contracting business is hard work. Don’t waste anymore time on cold calling, spending money on marketing or relying on customer referrals.

Fair Pricing

We believe that fair pricing creates lasting partnerships. As contractors ourselves, we know the value of a hard earned dollar and aren’t here to profit by selling you poor quality leads.

Get more business. Become Tree Menders partner.

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Why become a Tree Menders partner?

Unlike big companies like YELP, Trusted Pros or Homestars we did not get into business to make money off of selling leads.

Tree menders is still our primary business, but with the volume of leads that we were getting, we knew we weren’t able to keep up with demand. We decided to launch a partnership program so that we could provide other professional contractors with quality leads to service the GTA area.

We stand by our partners and guarantee leads throughout all twelve of the GTA cities (Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Oakville, North York, Guelph, and Cambridge).

As a partner you will have exclusive access to all leads that come through in your region(s) for the entire season. We encourage partners who have the resources available to secure multiple regions (ex. Brampton + Mississauga + Etobicoke = 1 partner for the entire East End).

We open our partnership program at the beginning of each season and close the program shortly after. Since launching our partner program demand has been VERY high and spaces fill up quickly – so act quickly!

Get more business. Become Tree Menders partner.

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Join a program built for contractors

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How It Works

Simple process, excellent results


Apply Online & Get Approved

We start accepting applications in February & March each year. You can apply to become a partner through our easy-to-use form. Simply select how many leads you’re looking for and the cities you would like to service. We only work with a select number of partners and look for qualified, experienced professionals who can manage anywhere between 50-200+ leads monthly.

Receive Quality Leads

As a partner, we provide you with exclusive leads in your selected region. Leads are a mix between commercial and residential and include a range of services, including: tree removal, tree cutting, tree planting, tree & shrub pruning, tree trimming, stump grinding, stump removal and tree risk assessment. Throughout the season, we provide you with new leads and you take on the responsibility of managing your leads directly. We cannot filter leads by specific types of services or types of properties.

Provide Service & Get Paid

The days of spending hours searching for leads or wasting money on marketing are over. Our partnership program has no annual contract and only charges a monthly fee to have exclusive access to quality, interested leads. Our partnership program gives you complete freedom over running your business.


Join a select group of partners

Partnering with fellow arborists makes a world of difference. They understand our business and what we’re looking for. Partnering with Tree Menders increased our leads generated by 354%. Don’t wait as long as we did to pull the trigger. Get’r done.

Johnny R.

Toronto, Ontario

We were tired of being ripped off by Yelp and Homestars. Paying weekly fees for minimal leads that didn’t really turn into much of a quote. Partnering with Tree Menders turned our business upside down. Now we have too much business!

Mike S.

Markham, Ontario

We found it hard to get commercial leads. We received lots of residential but we wanted to break into the big leagues. Tree Menders give us 3-4 big jobs a month that make our other leads look worthless. Thank you Evan and team for growing with us.

Colin K.

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Get quality leads. Become Tree Menders partner.

Once we have our selected partners, we give you full autonomy to manage your new customers under your own brand. This gives you the freedom to upsell, cross sell and build up your reputation through customer testimonials and referrals.

If you’re ready to join a quality partnership program and want to start scaling your business, simply submit your application and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Get more business. Become Tree Menders partner.

What cities would you like leads for?*

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Partnership FAQs

Are these really exclusive, quality leads?

Absolutely. Once you become a partner for a select region, you have exclusive rights to any leads in that region. We will never give the same lead to two different partners so that we can ensure that your region is exclusively yours to manage.

Are commercial leads more expensive?

At tree menders, we do not charge extra for commercial leads despite them being larger and more profitable projects. As a partner you will receive a mix of residential and commercial leads, however we cannot guarantee how many commercial leads you might get because it changes month to month.

What happens when I take on multiple regions?

As a partner, you have the option to take over multiple regions. This model is more advantageous to your business if you have the resources available to service multiple regions. For example, if you want to service the west end, you can select Markham + Scarborough. Two regions is double the leads, meaning there will be an additional monthly charge for two regions.

Can I select which services I want to offer?

You cannot select which services you would like to offer. Our services range from tree removal, tree cutting, tree planting, tree & shrub pruning, tree trimming, stump grinding, stump removal to tree risk assessment. We send you all of the leads in a specific region and it’s your responsibility to manage those leads accordingly. We prefer working with partners who offer a wide range of services to get the most out of the program.

Since 2019

Why Tree Menders

We’re a group of passionate and professional contractors who are looking for great partners. Our dream is to grow beyond the GTA and cover more ground throughout Ontario. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a partner we want to hear from you! If you have any feedback or questions about our partnership program, please reach out at