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Our Services

Tree services we offer to our Oakville customers

Arborist Services

Your plants at home deserve the best kind of treatment. Our team of expert arborists are dedicated individuals who are extremely knowledgeable on this field. Book a free, no obligation visit to learn more about this.

Tree Removal

A dying tree can be home to raccoons, rats, snakes, and possums. These can potentially cause harm to your and your family. Hire Tree Menders to get the job done quickly and effectively. We’ll process all the papers, too.

Tree Planting

Tree Menders offers only the best service for your tree planting needs. Our team of experienced arborists are dependable, knowledgeable, and even experts on all municipality-specific bylaws and permits.

Stump Removal

Hire us to remove any unwanted stumps at home. Our team works quickly, safely, and effectively.. We’ll help you identify the perfect solution based on your lawn’s conditions, without causing any long-term damage.

Tree Trimming

Constant tree trimming is needed to preserve your property’s overall appearance. Let our team do this for you. We have several packages for you to choose from. Request for a free, no obligation quote to learn more.

Tree Pruning

Need help with managing your backyard or garden? Tree Menders offers professional pruning services to remove any dying branches, enhances its overall appearance, and preserves the long-term health of trees.

Tree Risk Assessment

Healthy, well-maintained trees are a pleasure to look at and add to your home’s property value. If you are concerned about a specific tree on your property that looks sick, unhealthy or damaged,  Tree Menders can help.

Tree Cutting

We’re often asked when the best time to cut down a tree is, and the answer varies from situation to situation. For the most comprehensive and tailored solution based on your specific needs, reach out to us today.

Stump Grinding

Whether it’s an old, existing tree stump on your property or you’ve just had a tree cut down in your yard and are wondering what to do with the remaining stump, we can help. Reach out to us today for a free stump grinding quote!


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Statement Concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19): The health of our teams and customers continue to be a priority for us as we continue to help our customers move forward. As the world reacts to the news surrounding the coronavirus, we want to assure customers that our company is working diligently to protect the safety and health of everyone while providing tree services. This means we encourage our team members to wash their hands or sanitize more than usual throughout the day and wear face masks whenever possible. We’re also keeping a close eye on the health of our team and will ensure anyone with symptoms of illness do not report to work.

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