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Tree services we offer to our Mississauga customers

Arborist Services

Are you tired of dealing with amateurs? Tree Menders brings a wealth of expertise to the table, not to mention experience. This helps our team offer effective treatment solutions to any type of problem.

Tree Removal

Enjoy the rays of the sun once again. Our team of professional arborists can safely and effectively remove unwanted trees from your backyard or commercial area. We offer affordable packages, too, that fit your budget.

Tree Planting

Hire our team of expert arborists for your tree planting needs. Each one is knowledgeable on different plants species and what grows best on what soil. We’ll make sure your garden is at the best shape it’s even been.

Stump Removal

Tree Menders offers amazingly affordable stump removal packages for any type of home project. We’ll help you find the perfect solution and even navigate through the sea of paperwork. Request for a free quote today.

Tree Trimming

Whether its trees, shrubs, or hedges, our arborists are knowledgable on how to properly care for and trim plants. We’ll work to maintain their health at all times. Request for a free estimate today to learn more.

Tree Pruning

No matter what type, our team of arborists are professional experts in this field. Our goal will always be to improve the long-term health of your trees at home, without sacrificing their beauty or apperance.

Tree Risk Assessment

A tree risk assessment involves one of our experts visiting your property to inspect the health of your trees. At Tree Menders, we use state-of-the-art equipment to make an expert diagnosis and identify potential risks.

Tree Cutting

If you have a tree that’s rotting it can create a lot of problems. For one, it can be hazardous to your health, a hazard from falling branches, and can attract unwanted animals. Book your free consultation today.

Stump Grinding

Our team of certified arborists work quickly, effectively and safely to remove unwanted stumps. Whether you need stump grinding or stump removal, we’ll provide you with the best recommendation that won’t break the bank.

Tree Surgeon

Not sure where to start when it comes to maintaining your trees, shrubs and bushes? Tree surgeons are knowledgable on the care & maintenance of trees and offer a variety of services. Request a free, no obligation quote today.


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crew safely removing a tree

Tree removal services in Mississauga

For fast, efficient, and affordable tree removal in Mississauga, call our arborists at Tree Menders.

Mississauga is vibrant with its ecological biodiversity and the beauty of its natural landscape. As part of the Carolinian Forest eco-region, numerous tree species are common in the area and beautify the city’s streets, forests, and parks. Although they are a welcome sight, some trees are susceptible to damage and disease, which requires their removal from your property.

Home or business owners opt for tree removal in Mississauga for numerous reasons. The matter boils down to the health of the tree and its effect on its surroundings. Sometimes, the tree poses a safety hazard for residents and customers. In other instances, the tree causes breakages in a property’s foundation and requires removal before it causes further damage.

crew safely removing a tree
tree removal expert in mississauga

Arborists who care

When it’s time to remove a tree from your property, our arborists at Tree Menders are ready to help. With our knowledge of local tree cutting laws and deep respect for Mississauga’s tree life, we provide solutions for tree removal or alternatives when possible.

From our executive branch to our arborists, we are passionate about preserving Canada’s most beautiful natural resources – its lush trees. At Tree Menders, we offer tree removal services, but we also help nurture, prune, plant, and trim your trees.

Our teams at Tree Menders have the knowledge and experience to manage tree removal from your property with efficiency and care. After a preliminary examination, we outline our recommendations and discuss pricing options before we start.

crew safely removing a tree

Reasons to remove a tree in Mississauga

In addition to the beauty that trees add to a property, they produce oxygen and remove harmful impurities from the air. They also decrease the costs of cooling your home and provide shade during the warm months.

Property owners often dislike removing trees from their home or business. However, tree removal in Mississauga is often the lesser of two evils when it comes to maintaining health and safety standards. Not only can a tree negatively affect surrounding areas, leaving it on your property causes more damage with each passing season.


crew safely removing a tree
equipment to shred removed trees and branches

When trees become safety hazards

Since thousands of families and business owners call Mississauga home, safety is of primary concern. In some cases, the only way to maintain security is to remove a tree from the premises.

Trees can become a serious safety hazard because of their weight and the damage they cause to rooftops, foundations, and people. One example if this is if a tree grows directly under a power line and starts to touch the wires. In the event of a storm or accident, its branches quickly catch fire, spreading to surrounding homes.

Another example is if the tree’s branches start to tower above a home. Although the shade provides relief from the sun in the summer months, they quickly turn deadly during the winter season. Swaying branches can destroy roofs, break windows, and damage walls.

When branches are heavy with snow and break from the weight, they crash onto your house or harm passersby near your property. To prevent these scenarios, an arborist from Tree Menders examines your tree and determines the best course of action that minimizes safety hazards.

tree mender cutting the tree down

Professional tree removal in Mississauga

Unless you have the right training, never attempt to remove a tree on your own. Due to size, diameter variations, and proximity to power lines, only a professional arborist can safely remove the tree. If you try to do the job alone, you risk harming yourself or damaging your property further.

Tree removal in Mississauga involves the use of bulky and dangerous tools like chainsaws. If you don’t have the right experience to operate these tools, the removal job becomes unnecessarily risky. The closer the tree is to your home, the more necessary it becomes to hire a professional cutting service.

In some cases, the tree is on your property, but removing it may pose a public hazard. Our arborists secure not only your premises but also the areas where pedestrians pass. Our process helps ensure that people don’t sustain harm while we work.

tree mender cutting the tree down
equipment to shred removed trees and branches

Signs that your tree needs professional tree removal

Before a tree becomes a problematic part of your property, there are several signs to look out for when determining whether it needs removal. Some of these signs include:

  • Hollows and deep cracks throughout the trunk
  • Root decay on the base of the trunk
  • Yellow/odd-looking leaves, stunts in growth and rotting branches
  • Growth of fungus on the roots and bottom of the tree
  • Pest infestation that spreads to your home or business
  • Horizontal root growth that undermines your property’s foundation
  • Tree no longer producing fruit or foliage
  • Peeling bark with holes and discoloration
  • Branches that are bare at the ends
  • The inner layer of the trunk is black or brown

If you notice one or more of these signs, call our tree experts at Tree Menders to inspect the trees on your property. Our arborists determine the extent of damage and assess the time it takes for complete removal. Although you may not want to remove the tree, in many cases, it no longer serves its purpose and is doing more harm than good for the environment.

As they slowly die and catch diseases, trees start to look unappealing and reduce the curb appeal of your home and business. Moreover, horizontal roots weaken the foundation of your property and cause extensive damage over time. In rare cases, trees that aren’t native to Mississauga make their way into a yard, but look unsightly and struggle to survive in the unfamiliar environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mississauga Tree Removal FAQ

How much does tree removal cost?

Depending on the size of the tree and its location, removal can cost as little as a few hundred dollars to a few thousand per tree. If you are in doubt, give us a call for a free inspection. We provide a transparent estimate of your cost and offer competitive pricing options that suit most budgets.

Do I need a permit to remove trees from my property?

The City Council of Mississauga considers trees an essential part of the community. As such, there are regulations to keep in mind when you’re opting for tree removal. Mississauga residents only require a permit if they plan to remove five or more trees per year from their property.

Does a tree have to be dead to request its removal?

Your tree does not have to be dead to request removal services from our arborists at Tree Menders, and it’s legal to do so as well. One example of this is a tree that’s growing below a power line or damaging your home’s foundation.

Can I remove branches from my trees without a professional tree service?

We do not recommend removing a tree or any part of it from your property if you are not an arborist. If you don’t have the right tools and training, you could end up causing extensive damage to yourself and your surroundings. Also, removing only branches is sometimes not a viable solution to a deeper-rooted problem.

For precise, hassle-free, and professional tree removal in Mississauga, our arborists are ready to help. Contact Tree Menders online for more information, or give us a call for a free consultation. Our specialists are available seven days a week.