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Tree services we offer to our Scarborough customers

Arborist Services

Don’t have time to tend to your backyard anymore? Hire our team of expert arborists instead. They are knowledgeable on caring for plants, as well as municipality-specific bylaws, too. Book a free estimate with us today.

Tree Removal

We make sure that no step is overlooked. Our team of professional tree removers will devise an effective strategy, exercute it, and even file the necessary paperwork. We are experts in municipality-specific bylaws.

Tree Planting

Do you have a property that needs improvement? Adding trees is a proven tactic to increase appeal and help the environment. Our professional team of arborists can offer helpful advice based on your backyard’s conditions.

Stump Removal

A stump in your backyard is not just an eye-sore, but a security hazard, too. Hire us either to grind it out or completely remove it. We offer several affordable packages depending on your budgetary requirements.

Tree Trimming

Trimming your trees regularly removes any unwanted weeds or pests. Tree Menders can do this for you swiftly, efficiently, and without damaging the branches. No project is too big or too small for our team.

Tree Pruning

Do you have trees at home that require professional help? Our team of arborists at Tree Menders are capable of offering the perfect pruning solution for improving its structure and enhancing long-term growth.

Tree Risk Assessment

As a property owner, having healthy, well-maintained trees is a valuable asset. However, if you’re faced dealing with an unhealthy or damaged tree, you shouldn’t wait on getting a tree risk assessment by one of our experts.

Tree Cutting

Whether you have experience with tree cutting or this is your first time, we make the process easy. Our team of certified arborists will come in to make an assessment and provide you with a recommendation based on your needs.

Stump Grinding

Managing your yard can be expensive and time-consuming. Our team is here to make your life easier by finally removing that unwanted stump promptly and professionally. Book your free, no obligation quote today.

Tree Surgeon

Trees are all very unique, with their own specific needs. Our team of tree surgeons can help put together a treatment plan, provide a full assessment and give their best recommendations to keep your trees happy.


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Statement Concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19): The health of our teams and customers continue to be a priority for us as we continue to help our customers move forward. As the world reacts to the news surrounding the coronavirus, we want to assure customers that our company is working diligently to protect the safety and health of everyone while providing tree services. This means we encourage our team members to wash their hands or sanitize more than usual throughout the day and wear face masks whenever possible. We’re also keeping a close eye on the health of our team and will ensure anyone with symptoms of illness do not report to work.

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Tree Removal Services in Scarborough

Tree Menders of Scarborough are committed to an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to tree care. We offer professional service for people who demand nothing less than the best for their property. Our commitment to excellence has won us the trust of home and business owners across Scarborough and the greater Toronto metro area.

While we believe in promoting the long-term health of trees, we recognize the need for tree removal. Our team finds sensible and safe solutions to remove potentially dangerous trees from your property while minimizing the impact on the environment. At Tree Menders of Scarborough, we believe in a science-based approach that delivers the highest-quality service at the most competitive price.

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Tree Removal for All Seasons

We view trees in two ways: assets and liabilities. Most of the time, they’re assets, providing shade, oxygen, and ambiance to the surrounding area. When they become a liability to the people in your home or at your company, you need to contact Tree Menders.

The transition from asset to liability is often swift and without warning. A severe storm or drought can cause a once-sturdy oak to lean precariously over your roof. Our arborists are here to help. We have the cutting-edge equipment and professional knowledge to defuse the threat safely.

Each tree removal requires care and caution from start to finish. Working near a home, business, or power lines only compounds the perilous nature of the task. While it’s tempting to consider DIY tree removal in Scarborough, we recommend letting the experts at Tree Menders do it for you.

Our arborists understand how to remove a tree with maximum efficiency while mitigating the harm to the surrounding ecosystem. We often leave the stump close to the ground after removing the tree. We can remove the stump or simply grind it if you want to get rid of it later.

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Get a Free Estimate

Transform your trees today. All you have to do is fill out our no-obligation form online. One of our team members will get back to you shortly with a free quote and answers to any questions you have about the tree removal process.

At Tree Menders, we take pride in open and transparent pricing. We always provide you with a free quote in advance so you know which products and procedures we’re using. You’ll never have to worry about finding unexpected charges on your final statement.

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tree mender cutting the tree down
tree mender cutting the tree down

How Lawn Care Improves Your Yard

Professional Knowledge
At Tree Menders, we have an in-depth knowledge of tree care techniques and tools. We know what it takes to keep your property healthy and beautiful because we’ve been doing it for years. Whether you need planting, pruning, trimming, or stump removal, our team delivers the quality care you need on time and budget.

Healthier Trees
A visit from our team at Tree Menders is like a trip to the doctor’s office for your trees. We provide the analysis, diagnosis, treatment, and care necessary for your yard to go from surviving to thriving. We understand the proper techniques to keep your trees healthy all four seasons.

Reduce Soil Erosion
Soil erosion occurs when topsoil shifts because of water or wind. The process can degrade nutrients, increase compaction, and compromise the soil structure. Healthy trees can counteract soil erosion, thanks to a secure root system that anchors trees beyond the uppermost layer of topsoil.

Lower Noise Pollution
Trees don’t just make your home look better. They make it sound better, too. The foliage absorbs soundwaves in your neighborhood, ranging from cars to airplanes to people. The muffling effect makes the immediate environment more serene.

Organic Services
At Tree Menders, we are a proud pioneer in the organic movement. We focus on ways to naturally improve your trees without using potentially harmful chemicals. Our emphasis on organic products lets you enjoy robust trees and nutrient-dense soil without sacrificing performance or quality.

Increase Your Home Value
According to, outstanding landscaping can boost your home value from 5.5% to 12.7%, translating to tens of thousands of dollars in potential profits. There’s more to landscaping than removing a stump or pruning a tree, though. Our technicians provide the service you need to increase your home value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scarborough Tree Removal FAQ

How does tree removal work?

Our team handles tree removal in Scarborough in two ways. The first involves cutting the trunk in the direction that the tree needs to fall. Once the tree hits the ground, we will slice the trunk and discard the remaining pieces.

The traditional approach requires enough space for the tree to fall to the ground. If the tree sits close to your home or business, we cut off the branches individually from the top down. We also offer stump removal for an additional fee.

Can Tree Menders remove trees that are close to my home?

We can remove trees that are close to your home. We recommend planting trees or seedlings at least 16 feet away to prevent any interference with your foundation. If you anticipate the tree growing more than 65 feet in height, we recommend moving it at least 23 feet from the side of the house.

Our technicians perform tree removal in Scarborough no matter the distance between the base and your home. Larger trees – such as oak, pine, and hickory – require precision, and our team cuts off branches and trunk sections one by one. We may lower the branches to the ground manually or with rope if the tree sits near powerlines or other hazardous material.

What’s the best time for tree removal in Scarborough?

At Tree Menders, we do everything in our power to restore trees instead of removing them. Some trees endanger the lives of residents because of their size or position, which makes removal necessary. The most common reasons for tree removal in Scarborough include:

  • Hazards
  • Poor root integrity
  • Crowding
  • Obstruction
  • New construction
  • Tree replacement

Not sure if you need tree removal? Give us a call. Our experts will visit your property and determine whether tree removal makes sense for you.

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding involves reducing the exposure of a stump after tree removal. One of our professional technicians uses a machine to grind the remaining six to 15 inches of the trunk to below ground level. We strive to make the stump all but invisible to friends and neighbors.

Stump grinding offers a cost-effective and less labor-intensive alternative to stump removal. The process helps prevent sinkholes on your property and creates organic mulch. The cutting teeth of the grinder also create a mixture of woodchips and soil.