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Tree services we offer to our Richmond Hill customers

Arborist Services

Ensure that your trees are in tip-top shape always. Our team of arborists offer effective treatment solutions, proper recommendations, arborist report, and can even handle the processing of municipality-specific permits.

Tree Removal

Did you know that 80% of Canadian residents keep unwanted trees because they think it’s too expensive to remove? Enjoy our affordable rates for your home or business. Book a free, no obligation site visit to learn more.

Tree Planting

Create the perfect garden at home. Our team of professional arborists can help you identify what plant species to put based on soil type, climate, temperature, and amount of sunlight. Book a free quotation to learn more.

Tree Stump Removal

Whether it’s classic stump removal or our grinding service, Tree Menders works swiftly, efficiently, and meticulously to remove tree roots. All our arborists are well-trained to handle any type of project, big or small.

Tree Trimming

Trees are a lot like hair. They require constant care and attention, not to mention a good trim. Our team of arborists are trained to prescribe the best solutions, while maintaining your plant’s health, too.

Tree Pruning Service

Tree Menders is a team composed of skilled and knowledgeable arborists with several years of experience. We’ll help you strengthen your trees at home, improve their appearance, and preserve long-term tree health.

Tree Cutting

No matter the size or difficulty of the job, our team of professionals work safely, swiftly, and effectively to get the job done. Book your tree cutting service today, or call us to learn more about this service.

Tree Surgeon

Working with tree surgeons will ensure that the job is done right from the very first step. No matter what your concern may be, we have a service that fits your needs. Request a free, no obligation consultation today.

Stump Grinding

No matter the scope of the project, Tree Menders offers affordable stump grinding packages to suit your needs. No more delaying, it’s time to get this project checked off the to-do list and book your consultation today.

Tree Preservation

We are determined to keep these trees strong and healthy- preserving them where they’re at now, giving them space they need but don’t have the chance to use themselves- helping them thrive once again.

Tree Risk Assessment

Preventative care is the best way to ensure your trees have a long and healthy life. At Tree Menders, we offer a tree risk assessment that gives you tree maintenance recommendations and and arborist report to reduce the risk in the future.

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Cabling and bracing are the two most common forms of structural support for trees. This is surprisingly effective in supporting weak limbs that would otherwise undergo total failure or topple over following ice storms or bad weather.


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Tree Services in Richmond Hill

Whether you need to cut down a dead tree that’s dangerously close to your home or are curious about removing a tree to expand your commercial property, we can help. There’s no tree too large or hard to access for our experienced team.

Our partners’ experienced arborists remove your unwanted trees quickly and safely while taking the guesswork out of the regulations and permit process.

crew safely removing a tree
tree removal expert in richmond hill

Why Tree Menders

Trees play an essential role in the health of the Earth. They clean our air and add beauty to the world. At your house, trees can create shade to reduce cooling costs and increase curb appeal and property values.

The city of Richmond Hill understands the importance of trees. Our local government recognizes that plants increase our quality of life both today and in the future. As such, trees have special protections throughout the town; you cannot remove a tree under most circumstances without an expensive permit.

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree. Maybe it is creating risks to the safety of your family, or perhaps it is in the way of your home addition project. Regardless of the reason, tree care can be a hard process to navigate.

At Tree Menders, we take the guesswork out of tree service in Richmond Hill. Our mission is to make the Richmond Hill tree service process enjoyable, affordable, and risk-free from our free consultation to the work performed by our safety-conscious expert team members while providing superior customer service.

Keep reading to learn more about our star tree services and what to expect throughout the process.

    crew safely removing a tree

    The Decision to Cut Down a Tree

    The decision to cut down a tree is rarely an easy one. Trees increase the value of properties throughout the world. However, they can become dangerous and get in the way of beneficial developments.

    Sometimes it’s clear when tree service is necessary. When a tree causes a safety risks, it’s time to take action. An unstable tree could fall on your home or car. At best, it would result in expensive property damage. In a worst-case scenario, someone could be injured or even die.


    crew safely removing a tree
    equipment to shred removed trees and branches

    Reasons to Take Tree Removal Service Seriously

    Trees might grow in a way that damages your home or property. Roots can grow through water lines, sewer and septic systems, house foundations, or sidewalks and roadways. Cutting down a tree is sometimes the only way to stop and control this destruction.

    Similarly, large tree branches might grow towards your home or power lines. This growth can cause fires when it makes contact with electricity or cause property damage to your roof.

    Other times, a tree is dying, diseased, or damaged beyond repair. Proactively cutting down a tree can save you money and headaches in the long-run, and it’s smart to take care of things before they become unmanageable.

    Your motivation for tree service doesn’t have to be negative. You might be growing your family and ready to expand your home, or it might be time to improve your property with a swimming pool or mother-in-law suite.

    We recommend taking the decision to cut down a tree seriously and understand there are countless respectable reasons to do so. We’re here to help, regardless of your reasoning.

    tree mender cutting the tree down

    Cost of Tree Service in Richmond Hill

    The cost of Richmond Hill tree service depends on the complexity of the job. Just like there are no two identical trees, the removal job varies for each plant. During our free consultation, we’ll provide a quote for your unique situation.

    • Some factors that affect the price include:
    • The size of the tree, both the height and diameter
    • The condition of the tree, if it’s damaged or dead
    • The location of the tree and ease of access to it

    It’s essential to consider the time and tools required for the removal of each tree. If it’s on a hill, is impossible to drive machines near, or is close to power lines or buildings, it will be much more expensive. These situations require more advanced and time-consuming techniques to complete a safe tree removal.

    In general, the cost to remove a tree ranges between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars.

    tree mender cutting the tree down

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Richmond Hill Tree Services FAQ

    Do I Need to Get a Permit?

    In Richmond Hill, you need a permit to remove trees of a certain size or in a specific location. Most trees over 20 centimeters in diameter will require you to pay a fee and receive permission from the city. The type of tree and your reason for removal can also change your need for a permit.

    There are, of course, exceptions to every rule. The tree removal permit process is complicated when you are unfamiliar with the guidelines. Your tree service could become even more expensive without the right paperwork.

    We can assist you with the acquisition of a tree cutting permit. Our tree care experts know the system intimately and will guarantee everything we do is both safe and legal.

    Can I Cut Down a Tree by Myself?

    Tree services require many specialized tools and developed skills to perform the task safely. If you choose to remove your tree yourself, you risk significant damage to yourself or your property.

    You could fall or injure yourself with sharp tools or might drop a branch or saw onto a passerby or your home. Performing these tasks is not safe.

    Additionally, many tree service permits are not valid if anyone but an arborist performs the work. Using our emergency services is safer and ensures that you are not unintentionally breaking the law.

    Am I Responsible for Tree Removal?

    If a tree is on your property, you are most likely responsible for its upkeep and maintenance. This responsibility includes needing to remove trees that are not healthy or safe.

    Think of your trees as an extension of your home. You must keep your walkway, stairs, and floors structurally sound. If your home isn’t safe for people, then you face serious repercussions. The same is true for trees.

    Responsibility for tree removal becomes a grey area when a tree crosses property lines. If your neighbor’s tree falls into your yard, do you have to clean up the mess? If your tree crashes into your neighbor’s roof, who is at fault?

    Our arborists will help you identify the trees that you must either keep an eye on or remove immediately during your free consultation. Throughout our years of experience, we have developed a vast knowledge of the regulations surrounding tree ownership and liabilities.

    Is Tree Removal Safe?

    Our arborists are all highly-trained for what they do. We use state-of-the-art equipment and tree removal technologies. Everything we do has safety at the forefront.

    There are always some risks when removing a tree. Even with the most advanced tools and procedures, accidents can happen. Our experience and tools mitigate the risks of tree removal. Even a person experienced with power tools can easily make mistakes when downing trees. Without proper training, the potential for an injury or damage to a structure increase. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a professional tree removal team instead of attempting to remove a tree yourself.