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When it is time to get tree care done on your property, you need to know you are hiring tree experts with technical know-how and aesthetic expertise to work on your trees. For jobs like these, it is crucial to hire professional tree experts.

Whether you are seeking tree removal, tree trimming, stump removal, or another tree service in Mississauga, Tree Menders is the place to call. Our arborists’ team has a proven track record of providing care services to maintain beautiful trees for satisfied customers.

We have completed dozens of tree care jobs in the region. We are passionate about providing our professional tree services to homeowners in the Mississauga, ON area.  Are you looking for professional tree care in Mississauga? Call the tree experts at Tree Menders of Mississauga for a free estimate today.

It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service

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High-Quality Tree Services at Affordable Prices

At Tree Menders, you can be sure that you are getting a good deal for your money. Our Mississauga arborists do not charge customers per hour but by their tree service project. There is no need for a simple tree service project to cost the same amount as one that is extremely arduous.

For example, tree removal can cost between a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. The sizes of the trees, the locations of the trees, and whether the trees are healthy or dead are all factors that we need to take into account.

This is why we offer free no-obligation estimates to every one of our customers. We recognize that each tree service project is unique, so we think our pricing should also be unique.

A Team of Experienced Tree Specialists

Tree Menders’ team is highly professional. Becoming a tree expert is no simple task. The process requires an individual to have at years of experience working in the tree care field or a degree in a related topic, such as agriculture. 

Professional arborists know how to use a wide variety of materials required for different tree care services. Some jobs may only require pruning shears, while others may necessitate the use of carabiners and pulleys for cabling, bracing, and other tree service tasks. You want someone who knows how to work with any kind of equipment and knows how to maintain a safe environment for everyone.

Aesthetic Value

A professional arborist has a background in science that sets them apart from a landscaper. However, that does not mean that they lack the aesthetic sensibility of a landscaping crew. Working with an arborist in Mississauga allows you to get tree removal and related services completed effectively while also making the trees and plants on your property more visually appealing.

They prioritize making your property neat and attractive, even for the most intense projects. Often, they work on both of these tasks simultaneously. Our tree experts can revive a tree by tree trimming the highest branches—those that would be unsafe for both the average homeowner and typical landscaper to reach. This includes tree branches dangling over homes or buildings and in proximity to electrical lines.

Part of the Mississauga Community

Mississauga is an ever-growing community with both a bustling city and many outdoor features, such a Lakefront Promenade Park, Jack Darling Memorial Park, and Rattray Marsh Conservation Area. We pride ourselves on contributing to such an inviting landscape.

Our wonderful customers are what keep us coming back to the area. We are always grateful for the opportunity to leave the trees and plants on the properties of Mississauga homeowners even better than we found them.

You will find there are several benefits to working with a tree services company that is familiar with your city. Each city in Ontario has specific regulations regarding, in the municipal government’s words, the ability to “injure or destroy a tree.” This describes what we might call trimming or removing trees.

In many cases, a permit is required for more significant tree services, such as tree removal . Mississauga, like all cities in the region, has its unique regulations on this process. Our team is updated on all local regulations and ordinances and can manage the permit process.

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It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service

Our professinoal team of tree experts will work its hardest to keep your trees healthy. If you are looking for tree removal in Mississauga, Ontario, contact Tree Menders today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Everything you need to know about our arborists

What are the steps of the tree removal process?

When we come to your property to remove a tree, we start by assessing the surrounding area. This includes checking for any potential hazards or obstacles near where we will take down the tree. We will also confirm the area where we will work so that any small children or pets are a safe distance away. We also make sure we remove the tree to minimize its impact on the rest of your yard.

For larger trees, an arborist will usually start by cutting down any large branches from the tree. Then they will fell the tree by cutting down the trunk.

Often when homeowners choose to get tree removal services, they will also have the stump of the tree removed. We offer tree removal and stump removal as two separate services so you can decide what you prefer. Tree Menders generally perform stump removal in one of two ways: by digging out the stump or, more commonly, using stump grinding.

What are some signs of a dying tree?

There are multiple signs that a tree on your property is diseased or dying and requires tree service. Tree experts might only notice some of these signs, but many others are easy for any homeowner to keep an eye on. These include: 

Unusual Features on the Bark

Some examples of this are discoloration, deep cracks, and deep holes.

Dead Branches

You can often tell if a branch is dead if it breaks off from a tree with little force. This occurs when a branch is dried out inside–healthy branches have a slight bit of moisture inside them. 

Discolored Leaves

Changes to the leaves often signify broader issues with the health of your tree. On a healthy branch, leaves will bloom well. On a dead branch, leaves may dry out and change to a dull brown color. 

Presence of Bugs and Fungus 

Specific bugs tend to make their homes in or near trees that are dead or dying. Some common examples are bark beetles and carpenter ants. Fungus on the tree can be subtle, such as spots on the tree bark, or more obvious, like when mushrooms sprout near the base of a tree. 

What other services do you offer?

Tree Menders is proud to offer various professional tree services to our customers in the Mississauga area. Some of our popular services, in addition to arborist care, are tree removal, tree cutting, stump grinding, planting trees, and pruning trees.
We are also able to work on your property in diverse circumstances. Sometimes we are hired to work on a tree care project far in advance, but we also know that sometimes tree problems arise with little notice. We are just as prepared to service sudden needs, like tree problems resulting from storm damage.


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Statement Concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19): The health of our teams and customers continue to be a priority for us as we continue to help our customers move forward. As the world reacts to the news surrounding the coronavirus, we want to assure customers that our company is working diligently to protect the safety and health of everyone while providing tree services. This means we encourage our team members to wash their hands or sanitize more than usual throughout the day and wear face masks whenever possible. We’re also keeping a close eye on the health of our team and will ensure anyone with symptoms of illness do not report to work.

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