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Native trees in Oakville such as Red Maple, American Beech, and Canadian Hemlock contribute to the tranquility and appeal of this southern Ontario town. With the professional tree services from Tree Menders, these trees can also add value and aesthetic appeal to your residential or commercial property.

As professional arborists, we offer a comprehensive range of arborist services in Oakville, including tree planting, tree removal, and tree maintenance to ensure optimal tree health.

Our team of tree experts has a working knowledge of botany and all relevant municipal bylaws and regulations to provide accurate information and the most effective tree services. For exceptional tree care solutions and customer service, contact Tree Menders today.

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Tree Removal Oakville

Trees play a critical role in the environment by producing oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide, and stabilizing soil. Your trees also add to your property’s appeal, provide you with privacy, and offer protection against the sun, wind, and rain.

Unfortunately, trees can become a liability. When a tree’s branches or roots grow towards a structure, it can cause damage. Dying or diseased trees are also problematic because of their weakening structure. A dead tree can lose branches or tip over during storms, causing property damage or personal injury.

If you have a problem tree, contact us to schedule our Oakville tree removal service. We offer tree removal as an emergency tree service and even offer tree removal in Mississauga. Our tree experts will come to your property and safely remove the tree. If you need a tree removal Oakville permit, we will provide you with an arborist report and help you obtain the permit.

Tree Care Services

We offer a wide range of tree care services to residents in Oakville to promote the trees’ health, structure, and appearance. These tree services include tree pruning, trimming, and risk assessments.

Tree pruning is an integral part of our tree maintenance services. It involves applying thinning techniques to remove overgrowth and improve your trees’ exposure to water and sunlight.

Tree pruning lowers your trees’ susceptibility to pests and diseases, and it promotes healthy growth. How often you should prune your trees depends on the species in question and your tree’s size and location.

An arborist should provide you with this tree service to ensure optimal tree care. Incorrect tree trimming or pruning can negatively affect tree health. Our tree care services also include tree fertilizing and root zone aeration to allow optimal water and nutrient absorption.

Tree Planting By Our Arbotists in Oakville

In addition to tree care services, our tree experts and arborists also provide tree planting and transplanting in Oakville. If you are developing a piece of land or extending your structure, you may want to relocate a tree instead of removing it.

Our arborists have all the necessary equipment and skills to transplant a tree of any size. During a transplant, we prepare the soil and keep the root system intact, so the transplant doesn’t affect tree health. After the transplant, we offer tree care services to ensure the tree survives the relocation.

These tree services are ideal if you want to populate a piece of land in Oakville with trees. Our arborists will help you select the best tree species for the local climate. We take care of the entire tree planting process, including tree services such as soil preparation and post-planting maintenance.

Stump Removal? No worries!

After cutting down a tree, a stump remains in its place. Tree stumps are problematic as they can harbor pests and insects, and they are tripping hazards. A stump is also a hassle if you want to mow your lawn or build a structure in the area.

Our tree services include quick, convenient, and cost-effective stump removal in Oakville. We use different techniques to remove stumps with stump grinding being the most common. With this method, we grind the stump down to below ground level so you can cover the area with lawn or paving.

If you want to build a structure in the area, we can dig out the stump and as many roots as possible.

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It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service

Give your trees the check-up they need for year-round well-being. Our Oakville arborists visit your property and assess whether your trees are damaged, sick, or diseased. They include any potential health and safety risks to your property in their arborist reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Everything you need to know about our arborists

Do You Offer Tree Preservation Solutions?

Our team of tree experts offers tree preservation services in Oakville to ensure that your trees survive construction projects. The primary causes of tree health issues are compact soil and hard surfaces, such as driveways, that prevent moisture and air from reaching the tree roots. Even with proper care, a tree may still die or suffer damage.

Our tree preservation services include deep root fertilization and soil loosening with air spading or other techniques to excavate root collars and transplant bare roots.

You may also need a tree preservation service if you are not building new structures on your property. Our arborists can provide cabling or bracing to support and preserve older trees and reinforce their structural integrity.

With our tree preservation services, you can prevent tree removal or emergency service to keep your tree from dying.

How Do I Know if My Tree is Dead?

At Tree Menders, we recommend removing dead trees as soon as possible to prevent personal injury or damage to surrounding buildings. Trees that are dying or dead typically present the following symptoms:

  • There are no leaves or tree buds.
  • The branches are brown and brittle.
  • Fungi or mushrooms are growing at the tree’s base or around the trunk.
  • Vertical cracks are forming in the bark.
  • The trunk is leaning to one side.

In some cases, and with the help of arborists, you can save the tree. However, if the tree is already dead, schedule a removal service. If you are not sure if your trees are dead, contact us and schedule an assessment. Our tree experts will examine your trees and recommend the best course of action

What is the Difference Between an Arborist and a Landscaper?

Landscapers provide services to improve the visible features of outdoor space. These services include hardscape and lawn irrigation installations, lawn care and maintenance, garden bed care, mulching, and shrub pruning. A landscaper typically doesn’t have the skills or equipment to provide arboriculture services.

Arborists are also qualified to use dangerous equipment to remove trees and grind down stumps.

An arborist has the academic knowledge to care for mature or diseased trees and primarily offers tree services.

Can I Remove a Tree Myself?

A tree removal project requires extensive knowledge and experience of equipment, tree physics, cutting techniques, and even botany. Even as an experienced DIY enthusiast, tree removal can be dangerous, and you should leave this project to our tree experts.

We can take care of any tree removal project in Oakville. We can also address any issues that make these tree services difficult, including decaying wood and nearby power lines. When we provide these services, we will prepare the surrounding area to ensure that falling branches or trunks don’t injure someone.

Before you can remove a tree in Oakville, you need to obtain the proper permits. As part of our customer service, we will provide you with an arborist report and help you get the permits you need.


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