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Everyone takes pride in caring for their property, dedicating time, money, and effort to keeping it in top shape. While there is a lot of vegetation you can have on your property, the numerous benefits of having trees put them at the top of the list. Finding the right arborist in Cambridgeto provide you with quality and reliable tree services, however, is often challenging. At Tree Menders, we guarantee you the peace of mind you’ve been seeking.

Our experienced arborists have years of experience providing exceptional tree care services for property owners all over Cambridge. This enables them to maintain the appeal and health of their trees, which further enriches the beauty of their landscaping. No matter the task at hand, our team is armed with the knowledge, skill, and professionalism necessary to address your tree service needs here in Cambridge. With Tree Menders, your tree care is in safe hands.

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The Various Services We Offer

Most people often turn to arborist services only when they require tree removal, cutting down of a dead tree, storm damage repair, or dealing with an insect infestation. Our services go beyond that to include pruning and restoring or preserving tree appearance and health.

It can be challenging to decide whether to remove unhealthy trees entirely or have some parts of your trees pruned. We can offer you the guidance to help you with those questions, utilizing our techniques and deep understanding of botany to provide you with the right care for any types of tree you might have. The care and expertise included in our services ensure the proper maintenance of your trees while minimizing the risk of pests or diseases, keeping your trees thriving, and extending their lifespan.

Improve Your Property’s Aesthetic Value

One advantage of trees is their enhancement of your property’s aesthetic value. But they can quickly become a nightmare if poorly maintained. Taking advantage of arborist services in Cambridge will help you capitalize on the aesthetic benefits of having trees on your property. We not only enhance your trees’ health but also their appearance, pruning off unsightly or unhealthy branches to create a more polished look. Our goal is to leave your property in a better state than that in which we found it.

Also, pruning trees regularly trains them to grow a particular way, preventing low-hanging limbs or wayward branches that can ruin their appearance. Another way we can improve your property’s appearance is by removing dead trees from your yard. We can then offer you our tree planting services, providing you with a wide range of options that would repurpose the area in question and give it a whole new look.

Property Protection

If left unattended, the trees growing on your property could easily be a safety hazard. Falling branches could cause injury or damage. Furthermore, poorly maintained trees are more vulnerable to damage from storms, ice, and snow, making them more destructive. We can help save your property from possible destruction through our tree pruning, trimming, and removal services. 

If you have tree branches hanging over your roof, then pruning is the best action to take. But if your tree has excessive structural damage or has grown in size and is now less than 15 inches from your house, then tree cutting or removal would be our recommended option. At Tree Menders, we attend to any scenario, offering you solutions to safeguard your property. Our team will assess your situation, informing you of the best course of action based on your trees’ location, overall appearance, type, and size.

Work With Our Professional Tree Experts

When in need of tree services, it can be challenging to know which option to go for. The stress is often compounded if you’ve never used arborist services before. It’s vital that you work with an arborist for professional tree care services. This is because they have the expertise needed to identify and safely carry out all necessary operations.

Opting for Tree Menders ensures you access to arborists with extensive knowledge, skill, and experience. All our arborists have attained training in various key areas such as tree diagnoses, safe work practices, and tree risk management. They’re also armed with the proper equipment and the know-how to use it effectively. Though caring for your trees yourself will be cheaper, opting for an arborist in Cambridge will give you more lasting solutions, saving you money in the long run.

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It takes only a few minutes to make your life easier with the right tree service

A good tree care service manages every aspect of tree care, from the time of planting until removal. Since tree care requires expert knowledge of local Cambridge ecology, as well as the skills necessary to nurture and nourish your trees, be sure to work with the best tree service provider possible.

At Tree Menders, we take tree service seriously, while ensuring that we take your needs into account as well. Whether you’re looking for routine tree care or more specialized services, we have the expertise and equipment to help you out.

If you have a tree that needs expert tree service in Cambridge, don’t hesitate to give us at Tree Menders a call. Once you schedule a tree service with us, you’ll quickly see why our customer service is the best in the business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Everything you need to know about our arborists

How can I know if my tree is unhealthy?

The symptoms of an unhealthy tree often vary. There are, however, a few common signs, including discolored leaves, root rot, wood dust, and deadwood, which could signify an unhealthy tree. Other signs you should be on the lookout for include:

  • Bark damage: A tree often tries to heal bark damage on its own. This results in the tree having rough edges meant to protect the damaged area. This protection is insufficient and still requires professional tree services to prevent further damage.
  • Broken branches: Loosely hanging branches could signify an issue with your tree’s integrity.
Is there any difference between a landscaper and an arborist?

While it can be easy to confuse the two, there is one significant difference between them. A landscaper is a person who handles typically risk-free jobs. These jobs could include mulching, shrub pruning, lawn care, and irrigation. On the other hand, an arborist has received extensive training in the maintenance and upkeep of trees. 

The training arborists receive prepares them to handle all the dangerous equipment needed on the job, safely carrying out tree care services such as pruning, trimming, or removal. If you’re in need of tree services in Cambridge, it’s recommended that you opt for a well-trained professional for the best possible results.

What should I consider when looking for a qualified arborist?

Looking for an arborist can be an overwhelming process due to the load of information you receive. This can easily make deciding on one that much harder. But knowing the factors to consider when looking for a qualified arborist can be of great help. Here are some of the things you should consider when searching for a qualified arborist in Cambridge:

  • References: Look at examples of the work they have completed in the past, analyzing their before-and-after images. Also, request to see testimonials and references from past clients.
  • Experience: The more experience an arborist has, the better their expertise and the higher the quality of the work performed.
How much do arborists cost?

Arborists do not typically have an hourly rate. Instead, the costs you incur will depend on the nature of the tasks they carry out. You can, however, get a cost estimate after an arborist has assessed the scope of the work to be done.


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