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Rotten trees are more than unsightly—they can be hazardous. The best way to keep them from falling and harming your car, your home, or your family is to take them down. Removal, however, is dangerous as well. 

To ensure your own safety, it’s essential to hire a professional for tree removal in North York. It’s a skill that requires extensive training and experience to master. Even more importantly, the tree removal process should adhere to every industry safety standard.

At Tree Menders, our team of highly trained arborists are proficient in cutting and removing trees. Since we’ve been in business for a long time, we’ve gained the experience and knowhow needed to handle any tree trouble you might have.

And we won’t settle for being average! Unlike many other tree removal services, we strive to avoid property disturbance as much as possible during the removal, and we clean up thoroughly after we’re through. You’ve put money and effort into creating a beautiful home space—and we want to ensure that it remains lovely after we leave.

While we all may prefer less drastic measures due to the costs and risks involved, sometimes a full-tree removal is the only remaining option. The most common situations that necessitate tree removal in North York are as follows.

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Dangerous Trees

Hollow spots, weak roots, and trees that lean can create a hazardous situation. One of our tree specialists needs to evaluate them to make sure that they’re solid so they won’t fall over or drop heavy branches. If we can’t remedy a hazardous situation through smaller measures, we may need to remove the tree.

Heavily damaged trees are more likely to get sick and die. While our arborists will always try to save a tree whenever possible, if the damage is too severe, we may need to take it down.

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Unhealthy Trees

We can sometimes prevent diseased or otherwise unhealthy trees from dying by treating them with pest- or illness-control methods, soil management, or root-collar excavation. But there comes a point of no return. If a tree is too far gone, you should prioritize asking four Tree Menders North York team to remove it before it becomes a danger.

If your tree is no longer putting forth growth—or seems hollow—it’s most likely dead. In this case, we need to remove it as soon as possible before it can do any damage. Dead trees pose a hazard to your home, your property, and your family. Storms can easily cause them to drop large branches or even fall over, so it is imperative to call Tree Menders immediately after you notice its condition.

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Aesthetics and Tree Health

Thinning out a patch of trees can be useful to improve both tree health and aesthetic appearances. Taking down trees in dense patches to create space allows the surviving trees to grow and thrive by giving them more sunlight and air while cutting down on insect life. By enabling healthier growth and removing any diseased or dead trees, you will also add to the beauty and value of your property.

Sometimes trees require removal solely due to their location. Whether that tree is simply too close to your home or outbuilding, or it a species planted in an area where it cannot sustain life, it can become a hazard. A strong summer storm or winter snowfall may be all it takes for one of them to break and cause significant damage.

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In addition to the danger of falling or of dropping branches, trees in North York planted too close to your home can create a myriad of other issues. They may raise sidewalks, damage the foundation, clog gutters, remove paint, cause mould on the siding, or even infest your structure with insects or other pests. For these situations, we highly recommend tree removal.

If you plan on paving, building, or expanding anything on your property, you may no longer have enough space for all of your trees. Call our Tree Menders arborists to safely cut down trees to make way for your construction projects.

No matter why you need tree removal in North York, Tree Menders is ready and able to cut it down, chip it, and leave the space more beautiful than we found it. We provide affordable services for both residential and commercial properties. Call us today to set up your free evaluation.

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If you have a problem tree and you would like professional advice, we are happy to come to your home or business and examine the tree, then provide you with a free estimate. We serve North York and communities all around Greater Toronto Area. Please contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Everything you need to know about tree removal in North York

What’s the best way to remove a tree?

Tree removal always begins with having our tree specialist climb the tree using professional gear and cutting off each limb on his way up. When nearing the top, he removes the upper section of the tree before moving on to the chosen method of taking down the rest of it.

If a tree has wide open space around it, the felling method can take it down quickly. Our experts will notch the bottom of the tree and tie a rope in a higher position. One person pulls on the rope while the other saws through the notch until the tree falls. Depending on how much space exists around the tree, we may need to remove limbs first so they won’t cause damage on their way down.

What happens if the tree is in a tight space?

If there isn’t enough room to fell a tree, we may need to take it down piece by piece. This process is called chunking and involves our expert climbing or approaching the tree in a bucket truck to cut the pieces off. If the tree is too close to walkways or landscaping, we lower the pieces by rope to protect your property.

Why can’t I just cut a tree down myself?

If you’re still considering taking a chainsaw to that problematic tree by yourself, let us reiterate that it is never a good idea. Without expertise and specialized tools, injuring yourself is a real risk. Tree Menders’ partner specialists are to remove trees safely.

How much does tree removal in North York cost?

Tree removal costs vary based on the size, location, and condition of the tree. At Tree Menders, we offer potential customers a free consultation and an estimate based on the unique factors of your case. While we strive to remain affordable, keep in mind that complicated situations—such as the tree being located on a steep hill or near power lines—can raise costs due to the extra time and machinery required.


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