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Tree Menders is the preferred service for tree removal in Etobicoke, Canada, for a good reason. We are experts in all things tree-related and can help you keep your lawn gorgeous and free of dangerous, overgrown

Like nearby Toronto, Etobicoke has strict laws governing the removal of trees, which is why you’re better off leaving that kind of work to the professionals. Although trees can enhance your property, poorly cared for or diseased trees can be a huge liability.

At Tree Menders, we ease your mind with a no-pressure tree removal quote that is entirely in line with guidelines for professional tree removal in Etobicoke. Our technicians are completely licensed, and follow our company mandate of providing honest and affordable work.

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Why might you need a tree removal service?

Trees are lovely to look at and provide tons of perks, such as ample shading and fresh air, but sometimes they can become a problem for homeowners.

If your tree starts to brush up against power lines or is in danger of falling, someone will need to remove it. Also, a tree’s roots can interfere with your home’s foundation, threatening your house’s stability. Additionally, your tree might just be unsightly or dead. Whatever your reason for getting rid of it, Tree Menders is the only choice for tree removal in Etobicoke.

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What are the telltale signs of a tree problem?

Nine times out of ten, you will be able to determine if a tree is problematic. Knowing what to look for will let you know how much time you have to remove the troublesome tree.

It would help if you dealt with trees that are on the verge of falling immediately. Other issues can wait if need be. Watch out for the following warning signs that indicate that you have a problem with one of your trees.

  • Mushrooms or decay at the bottom of the tree
  • Peeling bark
  • Excessive leaning
  • Loose soil around the base of the tree
  • Exposed roots
  • Scarce foliage

At Tree Menders, we are happy to give you a no-pressure, free consultation to assess your tree’s health.

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Should I try to remove it myself?

Although it might be tempting, avoid the urge to try to remove the tree yourself. Primarily, there are plenty of Etobicoke-specific laws regulating tree removal, and secondly, it can be dangerous to attempt to remove the tree yourself.

One of the most significant safety issues that you will encounter is power lines. You have to exercise lots of caution around any power lines, especially if they become entangled in a tree’s branches. There’s also the chance that the tree itself is unstable, especially if it’s decaying. It could partially fall on you, which could be fatal.

There’s also the strong chance that you don’t have the right equipment for the job. Proper tree removal in Etobicoke requires proper tools, like sturdy extension ladders and chainsaws.

You really should not roll the dice with removing the tree yourself. Call Tree Menders today for a consultation and quote.

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Safety First!

Our team prides itself on putting safety before all else. Removing trees can be a dangerous process, but when you work with Tree Menders, you can rest assured that we will do the job entirely without any damage to your home or property.

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Whether you need to cut down a dead tree that’s dangerously close to your home or are curious about removing a tree to expand your commercial property, we can help. There’s no tree too large or hard to access for our experienced team.

Our professional and experienced arborists remove your unwanted trees quickly and safely while taking the guesswork out of the regulations and permit process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Everything you need to know about tree removal in Etobicoke

Can I just cut down the tree myself?

We advise against cutting down the tree yourself for various reasons, but predominately because it is highly unsafe to do so. Tree removal is a delicate and dangerous process that requires a substantial knowledge base, the right paperwork, and state-of-the-art equipment. It’s best to work with a professional company that does tree removal in Etobicoke.

How can I keep my trees healthy?

Often trees need to be removed because they are diseased or otherwise unhealthy, but there are plenty of ways to prevent problems in the first place. Keep your trees pruned, especially if they are near power lines. Not only do pruned trees look better, but they are infinitely safer.

Keep an eye out for broken branches that can fly off the tree during a storm and damage your house. Regularly check out your trees for broken limbs, especially after big storms. Keep trees happy by fertilizing and mulching them at their bases. Look for signs of discoloration in the leaves, or softness in the trunk. Generally, this means that there is a more significant problem afoot.

How does the removal process work?

First, we give you a no-pressure consultation to assess your tree’s health and let you know how dire the situation is. If the tree is in immediate danger of falling or is interfering with power lines, we will suggest that you remove it as soon as possible. If it’s not an immediate threat, we will give you an assessment.

Our team has been working with tree removal and tree care for years, and our pricing is always fair and transparent. Once we agree upon a price, we will set up a follow-up appointment that works for everyone. Our team will arrive with cutting-edge tools and remove the tree in a timely fashion. Then, we clean up the surrounding area to leave your yard looking just as good as new.

What warning signs should I know about?

There are several ways that you can tell if something is not right with your trees. If you see any of the following warning signs, you should certainly consider calling tree removal in Etobicoke experts to assess the situation further.

  • Does the tree appear to be sick? Problematic signs include mottled leaves, broken or soft bark, and twigs with no buds at the end.
  • Are there animals living in the tree?
  • Does the tree feel soft or porous to the touch? This could be a serious sign of a decaying tree and lead to plenty of problems in the future. Soft trees are often unstable trees.
  • Is there a cavity formed inside of the tree?
  • Do you see a lot of refuse around the base of the tree? Do you see sawdust or fragments of bark?
What makes a good tree removal company?

Although many companies that offer tree removal in Etobicoke will tell you that they’re the best, there are certain qualities that you ought to look for when selecting your partner.

Find a company with the experience and track record to address your tree problem appropriately. To do this, you’ll want to check out the company’s commitment to safety. At Tree Menders, we understand the importance of putting safety first and do everything that we can to ensure that the tree comes down safely. You will also want to find a company that fully understands the specific rules and regulations of tree removal in Etobicoke.

What if my tree is near a power line?

Trees and power lines do not mix. It’s never good when your tree brushes up against power lines because that could lead to fire or widespread power failures. Always address tree branches that intersect with power lines. The tree might need to pruning, or in more extreme cases, need to be removed completely. If you have a tree on your property that interferes with a power line, it’s your job to handle it.

Tree Menders is the premier company for tree removal in Etobicoke. Call us today.


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