Mississauga Tree Removal By-Laws

Mississauga has tree removal and service by-laws that regulate tree removal on private and commercial properties to help protect its tree canopy. Most tree removals in the city require a permit, but there are a few exceptions.

You should acquaint yourself with Mississauga’s tree removal by-laws and comply with them, or you could be guilty of an offense and subject to hefty fines.

Tree Removal on Private Property

The Mississauga Tree Permit By-law Number 474-05 1 requires you to get a permit if you want to remove at least three trees from your property within one calendar year. This requirement applies to trees measuring at least 15 centimeters, or six inches, in diameter.

You may not need a tree removal permit in certain circumstances, including the following:

  • You want to injure or destroy not more than two trees on the property within a calendar year.
  • The tree you want to remove is not more than 15 centimeters in diameter.
  • It is an emergency tree removal.
  • To facilitate a construction project undertaken by a school board or Government Body.
  • You want to remove a tree located on an interior courtyard, rooftop garden, or solarium.
  • You want to remove a tree located on a golf course or nursery.

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Application for Mississauga Tree Removal Permit

To get a tree removal permit, you’ll need to complete the Mississauga tree permit application form 2 and submit it to the city’s Commissioner of Community Services together with the required supporting documents. The documents may include:

  • A plan showing the trees you intend to remove, trees to remain, and any other measures you need to undertake regarding the trees’ destruction or injury.
  • Applicable fees as defined in the Fees and Charge By-Law.
  • A certified arborist report if the commissioner requires it.
  • The neighboring property owner’s written consent if the base of the tree you want to remove is partially on the adjacent property.
  • The tree owner’s written consent if applying on behalf of a third-party.

Once you apply for a tree removal permit, the commissioner has 30 days to review your application. You won’t need to pay any fees for dead, dying, or hazardous trees.

Replacement Trees

According to Mississauga tree removal by-laws, you need replacement trees for each healthy tree removed on your property. The city requires a tree replacement security deposit to ensure that private property owners plant replacement trees.

The city will determine the amount. If you don’t have space for replacement trees on your property, you’ll need to pay to plant replacement trees on city property. Here are the requirements for planting replacements trees:

  • A coniferous tree should be at least 1.8 meters tall, and a deciduous tree should be at least six centimeters in diameter.
  • If the healthy treat removed was 0-49 centimeters, you need one replacement tree.
  • You need two replacement trees if the healthy tree removed was at least 50 centimeters.

Make sure you always comply with Mississauga tree removal by-laws. A violation of the by-laws can attract a fine of up to $25,000 for a first offense and up to $50,000 for subsequent offenses.